Chimney Building Specialist

Chimney and flue construction- For Architects

World of Stoves offers a huge resource of information to the Architect, Interior Designer and Specifier.

As well as sourcing appliances to fit with every décor, we believe that our knowledge base of chimney and flue construction and requirement is unsurpassed.

We have supplied consultancy services to many architects. 

Our involvement at an early stage in the building design process can avoid costly mistakes.

Very often we disappoint a customer through having to tell them, at an advanced stage of construction, that the fireplace or stove they had spent days choosing  for the focal point of their new home is unfeasible, compromised or possibly dangerous!

We Can Help in Your Quest for Excellence

We supply flue products to an industry hungry for excellence:

At World of Stoves we  believe in choice and information. We believe in the right tool for the job.  Clients are not offered a “fait accompli” but rather a guiding hand through an often bewildering and perplexing world of choice.

To get started, telephone our office 01228 512904.

We will gladly come to you to present ourselves and our vision for heating in your development.


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