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Bellfires Horizon XS with black glass interior, Wi-Fi kit anti-reflective glass and white stones balanced flue.

Was £4,345.00
now £3,200
Jotul GF300 – ivory enamel, natural gas, balanced flue
Sold as seen

Was £2,540.00
now £1,699
Jotul F3 – wood only

Was £1429.00
now £1150

Scan DSA 10 – wood only

Was £3915.00
now £1989.00

Kinder Kalahari – manual control, natural gas

Was £699.00
now £505.00

kinder kalahari slide control
Kinder Kalahari plus slide control

Was £699.00
now £550.00

kinder camber
Kinder Camber – manual control with pebbles

Was £750.00
now £600.00

flavel rhapsody
Flavel Rhapsody – slide control

Was £705.00
 now £560.00

flavel decadance
Flavel Decadence, plus manual control

Was £635.00
now £510

flavel stirling plus
Flavel Stirling plus slide control

Was £589.00
now £470.00

gazco logic logs
Gazco Logic Logs – remote control with designio front

Was £1224.00
now £970.00

flavel dekota
Flavel Dekota – balance flue, manual control

Was £925.00
now £740.00