Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves

What is a wood stove?

Wood stoves have come a long way from the traditional pot belly stove and become very popular over the last few years. We get a lot of requests for information on wood burning stoves, but we also find a lot of confusion as to what these devices can do.

A wood stove is designed specifically to burn wood. Airflow through the appliance has been carefully thought out to get the best performance from wood. And, most importantly it doesn’t have a grate, unlike multi-fuel stoves!


Wood Stove Makes and Manufacturers

Most of the best examples of true wood stoves hail from the Scandinavian countries. Norway, gives us the famous “Jotul” brand; Denmark is the home of the “Morso” brand. These two companies still figure large in the British market and have strong UK bases.

British manufacturers include, Clearview, Charnwood, Stovax and Woodwarm stoves. Predominantly, British-built woodstoves are steel construction.


Deciding Which Wood Stove You Want

There are wood burner stoves to which you can add grates. These types of wood stoves strive to meet the needs of both wood burning and multi fuel stoves. Note, however, that the result is a compromise between the very different needs of burning wood and coal. Some manufacturers do it better than others.

The answer, truly, is to define early in your search for a stove what you are going to burn and if you have a specific purpose in mind. Do you have access to a good wood supply? Even the smallest wood stove can easily gobble a ton or two of wood in a winter! If you are looking for an outdoor wood stove, or looking for a wood cook stove, make sure you mention that during your research.

Benefits of Wood Stoves

There are many benefits to owning a wood burner stove and here are just a few of the them:

1.       The wood fuel is clean to handle, and easy to transport to the fire.

2.       A quality wood stove produces very little ash. Cleaning is often reduced to weekly or even less depending on usage level!

3.       Indoor and outdoor wood  stoves offer incredible efficiency.

4.       A quality wood stove produces no more carbon dioxide than what the tree that produces the fuel removed while it grew.

5.       The sheer comfort and joy of a crackling wood fire!


Working Out What You Need

Please feel free to use our links to browse stove manufacturers websites and then contact us for the best advice on the wood burner stove that would best suit you. It will help if you have already done some homework…

Find a ‘Look’ that you like – Classic, Contemporary, Traditional, White? Red? Enamel? Tall? Short? Do you want to cook a stew on top?

We also supply and install DEFRA Approved Stoves for Smoke Control Areas


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We supply and install wood stoves in the following areas:

Cumbria, South West Scotland, Scottish Borders, County Durham & Northumberland.

Suppliers & Manufacturers

Barbas Bell fire, Charnwood, Clearview, Dovre, Jotul, lotus, Morso, Nordpies, Scan, Stovax, Varde Ovne, Yeoman, Woodwarm stoves.