Internet Sales Policy

Internet Policy

Kengas World of Stoves wholeheartedly supports those manufacturers with declared internet purchasing policies about buying stoves online.

To quote from two…..

“Our stoves are quite spectacular in the right circumstances, but, by the very nature of what they do, in the wrong hands and with no experience, they can be lethal….We strongly recommend that you be wary of anyone offering discounted WOODWARM products online or offering to deliver product halfway across the country. We believe that direct selling of our product without offering proper dealer support is negligent..”

“Stovax/Gazco does not authorise any of its retailers to sell our products over the internet. We strongly recommend you to be wary of anyone quoting discounted products online, or offering to deliver products outside of their immediate area.Generally they will not offer the appropriate level of advice, assistance with installation, adequate after sales support or warranty that we believe are appropriate for our products”

You have been warned……….