Gearing up for winter demand for stoves

Can’t believe it’s nearly the end of August!

The showroom is getting busier already and we’re looking forward to our busiest period of the year. So if you are considering or planning on installing a wood stove or solid fuel stove in your home. the sooner you start your search the better, as the diary can get pretty crowded in the autumn and run up to Christmas. 

Until you actually talk to your stove retailer and installer, and get a survey done, you won’t know what modifications may need to be made to your home to accommodate your stove. You also need to find out when your manufacturer of choice can actually supply the stove you want . It may be a week, or it may be four….

So don’t leave it too late, come to our showroom now and talk to us about your ideas for a stove in your home and we can find your ideal stove.

We ‘ll give you a free survey and quote and an installation date.

And we’d just like to remind prospective customers of the problems related to buying a stove on the internet and then trying to find an installer.

Broseley has an excellent statement regarding online sales of their stoves and other manufacturers stoves. You can read it here – Online Stove Sales Policy


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